Earth + City

Earth + City is an exciting and innovative business in Toronto.Their mission is to enrich the health and sustainability of the local food community and economy. 
They prepare healthy, plant-based food in tandem with the Ontario growing season.


All of their ingredients are thoughtfully chosen, with a focus on seasonal availability. Produce is sourced from many regional farms, often purchased at farmers' markets. The pantry staples in their kitchen are gluten-free, mainly organic, and frequently ordered through local food vendors.

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FAQs About Earth + City

Feeding a large urban population and sourcing the same produce year-round often comes at a cost but it doesn’t have to! In their operations, Earth + City aims to strike a harmonious balance between the finite giver and the hungry consumer.

Earth + City cookies! These oat-based treats are loaded with manganese, selenium and phosphorus-rich minerals, and are a good source of soluble dietary fibre as well as iron (12% of RDA per serving) which is good news for plant-based eaters.