Lemon Square Minis


The Lemon Square's handcrafted coconut lemon squares are Vancouver's sweetest secret. Zesty, tangy and sweet, if you love lemon-y flavours you will love this dessert - and if you don't, this may be the one to convert you. They are truly unlike any other lemon squares on the market. This box includes 16 mini squares, little bite-sized pieces of heaven! Makes a great gift. 

Product lasts 4 weeks in the fridge or can be frozen for up to 6 months.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan C.
Lemon Minis

These are the best lemon bars in the city! They are tart and very lemony! I always buy them when I shop at the Toronto Market!

patrice a.
yummy yummy yummy

bought more than 1 pack to give to my friends and family and it's a hit. A little is a lot because it's very sweet but delicious.

David H.

Great lemony flavour. Small and bite sized which is great for a dessert table or buffet, snack type setting. They were the hit at a small gathering of friends. I was sad that I had no leftovers. I ordered more and have them in my freezer.

These remind me of lemon squares my mother used to make.

I've bought these squares a few times. They are tangy like the lemon squares my mom used to make. They keep well.

Audrey S.
Lemon squares

Do be aware, these are not your traditional lemon squares. They are a pleasant one bite dessert snack and as someone else notes, good as a gift. Topping not quite lemony enough for my taste and base a little heavy.