Phad Thai Cooking Kit

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Phad Thai is one of the most emblematic Thai recipes. Made from scratch, it is also one of the most difficult as it requires a lot of different ingredients. This set will make it easy-to-cook and, in 10 minutes, you will have authentic Phad Thai just like in Bangkok!

This cooking set includes rice noodles, ready to use Phad Thai sauce, red chili powder, dried spices and cashew nuts. Just add your favourite protein or vegetables!

Cooking instructions included on box.

Rice Noodle: ( Rice 88%, Water 12% ) 50.0%

Phad Thai Sauce: ( Sugar 34.4%, Tamarind paste (tamarind, water) 20.1%, Soy sauce (soybean, wheat flour(gluten), salt, sugar) 8.7%, Shallot 8.5%, Thai garlic 8.1%, Fully refined soybean oil 6.7%, Distilled vinegar 5.9%, Concentrated tomato (tomato paste) 5.8%, Salt 1.2%, Vegetarian Tom Yam chili oil (Tom Yam chili paste oil, fully refined soybean oil) 0.4%, Water 0.2% ) 47.3%

Thai Dried Spice: ( Cashew nut 50%, Dried chili 37.5%, Dried spring onion 12.5% ) 2.7%

Customer Reviews

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Sameer A.
Delicious Phad Thai

This kit has everything you need to make authentic phad thai in no time. It is an excellent option for weeknight dinners and tastes phenomenal. Highly recommended!!!

Kimchi H.
Omg Im in LOVE with this kit!

Easy to do and soooo delicious!! I was surprised at how good this turned out! Comfort food at its best!!!

Love it

Fantastic quality compared to the stuff you'd find in Superstore, Loblaws etc.