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Toronto Restaurants

Soccer Pie (5")
Chipotle Wrap
Kale Caesar Salad
Harvest Salad
Energy Jar
Cheese, Bacon & Prune Empanadas
From $17.00
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Blueberry Chia Jar
Peanut Butter Oat Jar
Strawberry Dream Jar
Fogo Island Fish Pie
2 in stock
Vegan Pizza - 2 Pack
Sweet Koji Chicken Legs
Big Mac Potato Salad
Cabbage Slaw
Dal Tadka
Saag Paneer
Chicken Curry
Butter Chicken
Beef Curry
Chraime Fish Spice
Lebanese 7 Spice
Shawarma Spice Blend
Sumac Salt and Pepper
Sold Out
Cheesecake Pie
163 results

FAQs About Toronto Restaurants

Just follow the link here.

Yes. Many of the meals are already cooked and only require reheating. Some, like Gouter’s croissants, will need to be baked. Others, like pierogi and dumplings, will require a few minutes of boiling.

Pizza Libretto’s pizzas top the list. There are also quite a number of restaurant meals to choose from: lasagna, burritos, pork shoulder and polenta, mac & cheese, gyoza and much more!