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Artisan Breakfast Box


Goûter by RA brings a taste of French baking into your home. This set features a crusty baguette, flaky laminated croissants and a house-made jam. A simple breakfast featuring these baked goods with butter and jam allows the quality of these items to really shine through. 

1 Traditional French Baguette
1 Artisanal Jam/Spread (seasonal flavour)
2 French Croissants (Plain) 

The traditional French baguette loaf will freeze well if you don't eat it all in one sitting. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
It’s was… ok….

The croissants were amazing and the jam was a sweet treat but the baguette was hard as a rock, beyond my ability to salvage it. It went right in the garbage. $20 for 2 croissants and jam was not worth it.

Katie E.

Everything was delicious! The baguette was great, the croissants were big and flaky, and I loved the jam! I received pineapple jam, which I've never seen before so I was excited to get something so unusual.

Emma H.

Soo good! Love everything from goiter but the blueberry jam was overcooked, more like a very thick syrup. I still enjoyed it but very sweet jam, needed to be more like jelly and maybe a bit more tart! Wouldn't get this again but I will still buy their baked goods!