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Chicken Breast Dog Treats

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Chicken Breast is their most popular treat and Dumpling’s favourite!

They use only high-quality, human-grade chicken breasts. Low in fat and bursting with natural flavour. Dogs of all shapes and sizes will jump through hoops for this treat!


    • High protein and low in calories
    • Great alternative for dogs with food sensitivities
    • Boost for the immune system
    • Builds muscle and promotes bone health 

    Shelf life: up to 6 months ( best before date is on back of package)

    Ingredients: chicken breast

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Very tasty! Dog loved it!

    My dog really loved these. I had to break them before I gave to him, because there were many very sharp pointy edges. I wish the company would make them so there are not sharp points in them. Perhaps they could make them round or like chips. That way I wouldn’t hurt my finger picking from bag, and I wouldn’t worry about dogs insides getting poked or cut. However, the dog loved and enjoyed these very much after breaking points off.

    Audrey S.
    Asking the dog again!

    Yes she likes them.