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Chicken & Kale Chorizo Sausage


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By Amos' Chicken & Kale Chorizo Sausages are made with big tender pieces of chicken and packed with fresh chopped kale. Heat them up on a skillet, in the oven or on the BBQ, and enjoy. These sausages taste great used in pizza, pasta or salads, and are a perfect dinner or breakfast sausage. 

Antibiotic ad hormone-free. Gluten-free. 

5 sausages per pack.

This is a refrigerated product. Consume within 5 weeks. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tasty and satisfying

Like the previous reviews, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour of these sausages. I honestly didn't know what to expect but glad I took a chance. Kept the prep simple: Pan-fried whole sausages and served with a mound of saukerkrat. Will definitely be purchasing again.


Absolutely delicious! Actual pieces of chicken in sausage- a pleasant surprise. Tried cutting sausage up into small pieces in cooked it in a pan - became really crispy was a great topper on my fried rice but can see it used in so many ways! A must try and will be getting again! My partner made the original purchase but this will become part of our regular rotation and look forward to trying the other byAmos products.

Excellent flavour!

Will definitely be ordering more. Can’t wait to try other products by Amos.