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Chocolate Oat Milk Powder - 112g Pouch


Whip up fresh chocolaty oat milk in seconds simply shaking with water. Their chocolate oat powder is lightweight to take on any magical adventure. Try Magic Oats in protein shakes, creamer for coffee, delicious desserts and of course by the glass! 

Servings: 4 Cups

Servings as Creamer: 16 Spoonfuls

  • Organic Ingredients, Gluten & Dairy Free, No Fillers or Oils and made with natural sugar
  • First instant oat milk powder in Canada
  • Oat milk made in seconds
  • Travel Friendly & light weight
  • Totally Sustainable
  • Fortified with highly absorbable Calcium


Gluten Free Oat Milk Powder: Certified gluten free oats with nourishing protein, soluble fibre and antioxidants. 

Organic Dutch Cocoa Powder: Rich chocolate flavour containing fibre, protein and a high amount of magneisum and iron.

Maple Sugar: Sourced from maple trees in Canada this natural sweetener offers delicious hints of rich caramel to our chocolate oat milk.

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar: One of natures most incredible natural sweeteners containing trace vitamins and minerals. 

Marine Algae Calcium: Natural mineral source with highly absorbable seaweed derived calcium with 72 trace minerals (20% Daily Reccomendation per serving).

Himilayan Sea Salt: Naturally processed salt containing trace minerals.

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