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Chrisoda Pear Ginger - 3 Pack


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Looking for a drink that's better for you and tastes great? You just found it.

Chrisoda was made for those looking for a healthy alternative to sugary pop and juice without the challenging taste of today's "healthy" beverages (tumeric elixir anyone ?).
Here's what's good about Chrisoda cold fermented real fruit juice apple cider vinegar lower sugar no artificial ingredients. 
Brought to you by the Toronto food innovators Manning Canning.
Sold in a 3 Pack.  
Ingredients: Lightly carbonated water, cold-pressed pear juice, Organic cane sugar, Organic apple cider vinegar, shredded ginger, natural mushroom extract

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Very strong

The apple cider was overwhelming. I couldn’t taste any of the pear or ginger. Others may like it if they are accustomed to taking apple cider daily.