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Bagels - Everything Bagel 1 Dozen


Gryfe's on Bathurst Street makes the lightest, fluffiest bagels in Toronto. They are as delicious eaten plain as they are toasted and smothered with cream cheese. There is no other bagel like it - so jump on the bandwagon and make every breakfast, sandwich and snack better, with a Gryfe's bagel. 

These everything bagels feature poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and onion and garlic flavours. They're a bestselling flavour at the Gryfe's shop!

Includes 12 fresh-baked bagels. This item freezes well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Norma R.
Great bagels

These bagels are nice and not dense like some! Love them!

Anne M.M.
Flavourful Everything Bagels....Perfect!

I love Gryfe's bagels and their Everything Bagel doesn't disappoint. It is not overpowering with the spice blend; in fact, it is just right. I enjoyed these so much that I ate two of the them the first day I received them. Even after freezing them, they still taste great. I would most certainly buy them again.

Great flavour, good price!

These are not your typical Montreal style bagel. They are fluffy, chewy and quite filling. I’ve ordered them a few times and the freshness is impressive each time they arrive. Amazing toasted or just fresh out of the bag.

Claudia K.
EVERYTHING about these bagels were great!

I'm not sure how I've lived 24 years without having had an everything bagel but I have...

Now that I have had 12 of them, I can never eat a plain bagel EVER again!

Yes, these are smaller than your average bagel but I seldom ever eat a bagel just with a sauce/cheese topping it anyways so the size of each bagel did not hinder my experience. I actually ended up pairing this with the Taramosalata from "BETTER THAN YIA YIA'S" that I also ordered from here, and added slices of meat my mom had cooked up ~

The size of each bagel for me was actually PERFECT and I wish I had ordered multiple bags to store in the freezer because I'm saddened that I finished them ):

The seasoning was AMAZING but I do wish that it stuck a little bit better to the bagel itself haha. I found that by the end of the bag of bagels, I had so much seasoning still sitting at the bottom! It's okay though, I poured it out and used it it season other food because why waste it? :D


I froze most of these and just toast them up whenever I want one. They taste just as fresh. I personally think they are a good size.