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Crack Bark


QUEST XO's Crack Bark is a bestselling bark and a staple offering. You won't be able to get enough of the browned caramel, milk chocolate, and salty accessories on this one. True to its name, this stuff is seriously addictive. Each package comes with a special hand-written love note, because you deserve to feel loved!

Package of bark weighs approximately 125g.

Made with Sustainable Cocoa.

Allergens: Contains dairy, wheat, and trace amounts of soy. Made in a facility that processes dairy, eggs, nuts, wheat, sesame, and soy

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kir R.

My favourite bark ever! I plan to order more in the future!

Michelle L.

This is seriously good. Like seriously. We bought one bag and had to ration ourselves or it would have been gone in the first day. I think it lasted 2. It's just decadent; so many flavours coming at you and all good. Go down this rabbit hole and enjoy the trip.

Don’t taste it.

If you are buying this as a gift like I did and you think you’d just like to order one bag for yourself to EXTRA! Once you open the bag there is no hope of stopping, no point of return, no salvation. Soon you will have to decide who you like more because you won’t have enough bags for everyone because this stuff is crack and probably the reason gluttony is listed as a sin. I have to go now because I have to eat more. 😂 it’s that good!

Teresa C.
So addictive!

This sweet and salty treat is truly addictive!

Need a 12 step programme

I am addicted and everybody I gift with this crack Bark cannot get enough

Barb xo