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White Corn Tortillas


Mad Mexican's White Corn Tortilla shells are made using non-GMO organic corn grown in Ontario, and cooked using the ancient Aztec technique of stone grinding, called Nixtamal.

The blue corn lends a fun colour to these authentic corn tacos. Fill them up with Mad Mexican taco fillings and dips, also available through this site!

Package includes 10 tortillas. 

Heating Instructions for tortillas when making tacos:
1. Place frying pan on stovetop at medium heat
2. Put 1 tortilla on the pan and let heat for 5 minutes
3. Flip tortilla to the other side for 5 minutes and then remove
4. Fill with proteins, toppings and more, and enjoy!

Ingredients: organic white corn, food grade lime, water. 

Customer Reviews

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Oksana S.
Mad Mexican Tortillas

Very good. Fresh & tasty.

Fresh and simple ingredients!

Great tortillas that taste fresh and have only simple ingredients.