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Curry Paste Bundle - 3 Pack

This Curry Paste Bundle by Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine is the perfect pantry addition for anyone who loves authentic Thai food!
Full kit includes:
  • 1 x Tom Yam Soup Paste
  • 1 x Panaeng Paste
  • 1 x Phuketian Curry Paste


Tom Yam Soup Paste 

Fully refined soybean oil 17.6%, Tamarind paste (tamarind, water) 16.1%, Shallot 14.7%, Thai garlic 13.2%, Sugar 11.7%, Lemongrass 9.0%, Dried red chili 6.7%, Galangal 5.4%, Kaffir lime 3.1%, Coriander 1.8%, Salt 0.7%
Panaeng Paste
Fully refined soybean oil 20.4%, Dried red chili 15.1%, Lemongrass 14.1%, Thai garlic 13.6%, Shallot 10.2%, Tamarind paste (tamarind, water) 7.8%, Coriander 5.5%, Salt 4.4%, Galangal 3.9%, Cumin powder 3.1%, Kaffir lime 1.0%, Massaman
powder (coriander powder, cumin powder, cardamom powder, star anise, nutmeg powder, cloves, cinnamon powder, bay leaves) 0.6%, White pepper powder 0.3%
Phuketian Curry Paste
Fully refined soybean oil, Shallot, Dried red chili, Garlic, Tamarind paste, Coriander powder, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Cumin powder, Black garlic, Salt, Black pepper powder, Garcinia, Fenugreek.

Customer Reviews

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Sameer A.
Love it!

I followed the recipe printed on the back of the envelope that protects the paste. I used chicken instead of lamb. We had basmati rice with it. I added raisins to the rice before cooking. It was a hit. Don't hesitate to try this - great selection great price