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Khao Soi Noodle Soup (Chiang Mai Noodle) Kit - 2 Pack


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The Chiang Mai Noodle Soup, also known in Thailand as “Khao Soi”, is a dish originating from the Chinese Tribe “Hor” that lived at the border between Thailand and Laos. This deeply savoury soup has now become a symbol for the city of Chiang Mai.
  • Rich coconut milk and fragrant curry-based broth
  • Full kit included- Just add your favourite protein and vegetables
  • Recommended proteins: chicken, shrimp, tofu
  • Recommended vegetable: snap peas
  • This kit includes 2 boxes

Dried Egg Noodles : Wheat Flour 71.5%, Water 20.0%, Egg 7.1%, Salt 1.4%

Yellow Curry Paste : Lemongrass17.4%, Thai garlic 16.0%, Soybean oil 15.5%, Shallot 12.7%, Dried red chili 6.6%, Salt 5.4%, Coriander seeds powder 4.4%, Curry powder (turmeric, coriander, fenugreek, wheat flour(gluten), salt, cumin, fennel, mustard, chili, white pepper powder) 4.4%, Galangal 4.2%, Ginger 3.2%,Turmeric 3.2%, Kaffir lime peels 1.9%, Mix spice (coriander seeds powder, cumin seeds powder, clove powder, cardamom powder, curry powder, nutmeg powder, cinnamon powder, bay leaves, turmeric powder) 1.9%, Coriander roots 1.2%, Cumin seeds powder 1.2%, Turmeric powder 0.5%, Acidity regulator (E330) 0.3%

Thai Dried Spice : Chili Powder 60.0%, Dried Cardamom 20.0%, Dried Spring Onion 20.0%

Customer Reviews

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Michelle L.

This is a delicious soup. The smell in our house was as if you walked into a restaurant. I did a few things different; instead of chicken, I made some Vegan Pork bites with a kit I had and it worked beautifully. I used Coconut Creme and it was really thick for a soup; going to try Coconut Milk next time. I also threw a few veggies into the soup so you can make it your own. The flavour is absolutely amazing; what a nice dish. Used all the red chili flakes they provided and wow it had a nice bite to it.