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May Assorted Mochi Donut 6-Pack: Thursday Only


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Isabella's mochi donuts are soft and chewy - and beautiful to look at. Consider them a hybrid of regular donut and a Japanese mochi, with the rice flour lending a chewy texture to this snack. With lots of creative icing flavours to choose from, this is one dessert you'll keep coming back for. 

Please note that due to the nature of rice flour used to give these their unique texture, mochi donuts are best eaten fresh and should be consumed the day they are received. 

These are baked fresh and delivered the morning of the market, so eat them as soon as you get them! 

This sampler box of six donuts includes one of each of the bestselling flavours:
1 x Burnt cheesecake 
1 x Mocha
1 x Apple Pie
1 x Pandan-toasted coconut
1 x Blueberry Maple pie
1 x Lemon

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