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Okazu Chili Miso


Abokichi's Okazu Chili Miso is an umami-rich chili, miso, and sesame oil based condiment often eaten with rice in Japan, which can also be used to top chicken, burgers, fish, eggs, potatoes, and more. 

Use it as a marinade or as an ingredient in your own homemade salad dressing. This condiment is very versatile and the options for experimentation are endless! This award winning product will have your taste buds longing for more!


Ingredients: sunflower oil, sesame oil, garlic, miso paste (organic soybeans, rice, salt), tamari soy sauce (non-GMO soybeans, salt, sugar), organic cane sugar, chili powder, white sesame seeds, chickpea flour. 

Contains sesame, soybeans. May contain mustard.

230ml Jar