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Peanut Butter Cheesecake stuffed Fudge Brownie


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Heirloom's dessert creativity is abound again! Their homemade rich dark chocolate fudge brownie is stuffed with peanut butter cheesecake & topped with pretzels & more peanut butter!

Delight your friends with this pie, or treat yourself on a cheat day!

  • This cookie pie serves 2-4 people
  • Store in fridge, eat at room temperature 
  • Scratch-made with local diary and quality ingredients


This item comes freshly baked and freezes well, so you can stash some for later!  

Ingredients: Semi sweet chocolate, Cocoa powder, Sugar, Eggs, Flour, Butter, Peanut butter, Cream cheese, Icing sugar, Pretzels, Vanilla paste 

Customer Reviews

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Oh so good

My family loved this. Very very sweet, just a little bit is satisfying.