Salsa Morita


Mad Mexican's Salsa Morita is made from fresh charred tomatoes, sweet onions, and dried and smoked morita peppers, native to Mexico, that give this salsa its distinct earthy flavour. it has a medium heavy body with a touch of heat.

This item is great with chips, or used as a topping along for Mad Mexican's taco fillings - also available on the virtual market!

250g container

Ingredients: tomatoes, onions, lime juice, salt, coriander, morita pepper and pepper. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Oksana S.
Mad Mexican Salsa

Has a good bite to it. Also, good with scrambled eggs.

Miquel R.

A delicious, smoky and slightly spicy salsa! Had never tried anything like it until I made my recent purchase thru the Toronto Market. Would love to try other Mad Mexican products.

Lise B.
Another winner

This is the third Mad Mexican salsa I try, and so far I’ve loved them all. This one is spicy enough for my tastes, and has some nice fresh green notes as well that you don’t always find in Morita salsa. Very happy with this choice, I’ll buy it again.

Gary Murray
Salsa Morita

Bought some today and was hoping for a great salsa. Extremely disappointed. Will try to return.