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Signature Cold Smoked Salmon (Lox) - Sliced

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This is Smoke Bloke's signature product.

It contains:

  • no artificial preservatives
  • no artificial flavours
  • never frozen
  • always hand carved

Their commitment to quality and freshness is why Smoke Bloke products stand out from others. They use a custom blend of Hickory, Cherry and Alder wood for their Signature smoked salmon. The hand carving and no freezing also goes a long way to help elevate our product above others.

A 1/2 LB package (227g Vac Pack) contains anywhere from 9 to 13 hand-carved slices, depending on where on the filet it is from.

Shelf life: 10 days 

Customer Reviews

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Carol S.
Lox of love

I thought this was some of the best smoked salmon I've ever had. I can't wait to buy it again.