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Better Than Yia Yia's

Better than Yia Yia’s was created by a mother and daughter team with the goal of sharing their fresh, traditional and naturally healthy Greek recipes.
Lemony Hummous
Gigantes Baked Beans
Greek Yogurt

FAQs About Better Than Yia Yia's

"Yia-yia" means grandmother in Greek and is Joanne and Deanna’s way of poking light-hearted fun at their beloved family matriarch.

These classic greek dips and spreads are staple snacks on a Greek meze (lit. bite) table, which are often served as complements to drinks. Slice up some pita, olives, chop a few fresh veggies and entertain your family (or roommates) the Greek way.

A number of Better Than Yia Yia’s products such as the Melitzana, Lemony Hummus, and the Gigantes Baked Beans are vegan-friendly, while the Tzatziki,Tirokafteri and greek yogurts are suitable for vegetarians.