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FAQs About Carla's Cookie Box

Carla Brizzi is the Italo-Canadian owner of Carla’s Cookie Box online bakery, where her passion for baking and her grandmother’s traditions continuously inspire her to create.

From a young age, Carla would watch and help her mother in the making of traditional Christmas cookies. As time went on, she began to experiment with her own recipes, keeping them simple and flavourful - as is the true Italian way. Carla’s passion turned into a business once she had lost her full-time job and was prompted to take a leap of faith in herself, to show her young family that it is never too late to chase a dream.

Every batch of pastry is freshly made by Carla herself, by hand, and only with real butter and natural ingredients. A rigorous process of testing 50 different recipes lies behind the creation of Carla’s buttery goodies. Those gourmet butter tarts speak for themselves!