Detour Coffee

Detour was born in 2009 in the town of Dundas, Ontario and is the bean of choice in many of our city's best cafes artisanal coffee shops today. One of Canada’s earliest specialty coffee roasters, the brand was built on the idea that coffee should be more than just mindless morning fuel. Detour's founder, Kaelin McCowan, believed that if he sourced and secured the highest quality green coffees in the world, and roasted fresh to order, people would fall in love with what’s in the cup. Over a decade later this mission remains unchanged.

Detour goes far and wide for its beans, visiting the source directly to develop sustainable, quality-focused relationships with the world's best farms and specialty coffee leaders. 

Bottle Neck Coffee
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Bouncy Castle Espresso
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Detour Dark Coffee
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Punch Buggy Espresso