Enoteca Sociale

Enoteca Sociale is a restaurant built on passion, making it a long time Toronto staple. They have perfected the art of Roman cuisine. It brings a taste of Italy into your home, no travelling required!

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FAQs About Enoteca Sociale

"Enoteca Sociale" means “social wine-library”. An enoteca is a common Italian establishment that functions as a hybrid of a wine-tasting post and wine-shop.

Partners Max Rimaldi and Rocco Augostino opened this cozy spot on Dundas Street West back in 2010. Along with Chef Kyle Rindinella, they have since remained as true to the culinary traditions of Rome as possible.

The Cacio e Pepe, gnocchi with ricotta, and the mushroom ragu are probably the most popular.

It’s pretty simple. Try out one of the pasta kits, such as the Cacio e Pepe or the Cavatelli Rigate & Pesto di Broccoletti, or pick up a pre-made sauce like the sumptuous pork and fennel ragu to add to your own pasta. You could also do the opposite: order an Enoteca Sociale pasta and conjure up your own sauce.