Heartsease Nutrition

Heartsease Nutrition is a snack and wellness company founded in Toronto, Ontario, with the intention to craft delicious treats that nourish the body and support wellbeing. Their products are made with clean ingredients and are free of gluten, grains and refined sugar. Heartsease Nutrition aims to inspire others to achieve freedom from food cravings by nourishing their bodies with healthy, delicious foods.

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FAQs About Heartsease Nutrition

I studied holistic nutrition and used foods to heal from digestive issues and hormonal imbalance. I started my business to share my passion for nutrition and inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle through eating delicious nutrient rich foods.

The hardest thing I’ve had to learn is how to make my business feasible without compromising on ingredient quality. Margins are a lot slimmer for refined-sugar and flour-free foods and it’s a challenge to convey the price difference and higher quality to consumers.

We source grass fed butter from northern Ontario farms and we use pure Canadian maple sugar. We also source environmentally friendly and compostable packaging that is manufactured in Toronto and Montreal.

My favourite item is our Keto Collagen Dark Chocolate Pecan cookies. I love how something can be both delicious and guilt-free. They have no sugar, 2 net carbs and 6 g of collagen but they are just as enjoyable as the PC choco chip cookies of my childhood.