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Isabella's boutique restaurant in the Beaches focuses on high-quality Japanese brunch, comfort food and treats. Their Japanese bakery is one of the first to introduce the mochi donut to Toronto, which are loved for their chewy texture and unique icing flavours.
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    Isabella's Mochi Donuts
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FAQs About Isabella's Mochi Donuts

The Mochi donut is a delicious match between the traditional, soft and chewy Japanese rice cake (mochi) and your regular donut. Mochi are especially popular around the Japanese New Year but you can have your mochi donuts at any time!

Yes! The circle of eight connected balls, also known as Pon de Ring, is a signature donut shape of a popular Japanese donut chain. Though both, the mochi donut and the Pon de Ring share a shape, they are not the same - more like distant cousins.

No, mochi donuts are not vegan nor gluten free.