Mumgry takes the guess work out of snacking. Created by a mom who was sick of reading labels to decipher what was good from bad during her pregnancy and post-pregnancy, these delicious plant-based nut spreads are made using only the good stuff, with no additives. And now they're widely loved by all. 

Each small-batch jar is filled with a nut spread that is handcrafted, ethically sourced and naturally nutritious. The spreads are plant-based, free of dairy and soy, low in sugar, high in protein, iron and calcium.  


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FAQs About Mumgry

Healthy snacking is for everyone, moms included.

Absolutely. Mumgry was selected to be featured on Beyonce’s website as part of Beyonce’s Black Parade Route aimed at showcasing black-owned brands and businesses from around the world.

The simple stuff. Roasted nuts and just 3g of sugar per jar.

The classic peanut butter on toast never gets old, but Mumgry will also give that special 'oomph' to a smoothie or as a topping over some ice cream.