Parallel Brothers

Sesame butter is at the heart of Parallel, one of Toronto's top middle eastern restaurants, and is used in almost every dish they serve. Their sesame butter is ground on a traditional stone sesame mill, right here in Toronto using only the best sesame seeds from Humera, Ethiopia, where the climate and soil produce the sweetest, highest quality sesame seeds. Experience the flavour on its own, or add it to dressings, soups, salads or dips for a rich, creamy twist.

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FAQs About Parallel Brothers

Parallel’s unique taste and space comes together thanks to the experience and background of the three Ozery brothers. Alon and Guy founded and built Ozery Bakery in 1996, and Aharon is an accomplished artist, specializing in large-scale installations. Sesame butter and Mediterranean food were regular staples in their home, and it’s a part of their culture they love to share. That, along with their devotion to art, community, and good coffee, is what defines the Parallel experience.

We grew up in a home where sesame butter (tahini) was consumed regularly alongside flavourful Mediterranean cuisine. Parallel was born from our history and love for sesame butter. It’s part of our culture and upbringing, and we want to share that.

There are few ingredients that are as versatile, nutritious, and just as damn tasty as sesame butter. That’s why we decided to make it in all its forms! Try it in our dressings, salads, dips, bowls, and our famous homemade halva, and see what is possible.