Q&B Pie Co.

The Queen & Beaver Pub has been a mainstay on Elm St. for 11 years, and through all that time, Torontonians have been enjoying their delicious British pies. In an effort to make these pies more widely available after March of this year, the Q&B Pie Co. was born. Check out the fillings, some traditional, some new, and we're sure you will find the perfect pie to suit you. These mini pies make it easy to try all the flavours, and each is lovingly hand-crafted at the Q&B in small batches, and stuffed to the gunnels with the best locally sourced ingredients.

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FAQs About Q&B Pie Co.

Though not a British invention (pies have been enjoyed by various peoples of the world since time immemorial), meat pie is a popular pub classic and a hallmark of British cuisine.

These would be meaty ones like soccer pie and the steak, carrot and stout pie.

Any kind of fresh salad would be a great compliment, as well as a nice, cool glass of brown ale or a pint of lager (but perhaps not with the apple pie...)

Those who have tried the pies particularly like the butternut squash curry pie and the steak, carrot and stout pie.