Schmaltz Appetizing

Schmaltz Appetizing specializes in Jewish brunch food. Considered one of Toronto's hippest spots to grab high-quality fish, cream cheese and other foods commonly eaten with bagels, Schmaltz is part of the Wilder & Rose restaurant group, with Chef Anthony Rose at the helm. 

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FAQs About Schmaltz Appetizing

A dozen of freshly-baked, Gryfe’s bagels (vary each week), 250 ml of plain cream cheese, a pack of lemon dill lox, and 250 ml of tuna salad.

Absolutely. You might want to try pairing Brodflour’s famed Jerusalem Bagels with fillings of choice or opt for a sandwich instead of bagel with one of our artisanal breads.

The fish and cream cheeses should be consumed within 10 days. The gryfe’s bagels can be frozen, and will otherwise last for 3-4 days on the counter.