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Tori's Bakeshop

Tori’s Bakeshop opened in March 2012 as Toronto’s first vegan cafe, baking fresh daily with natural, organic, seasonal ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. The shop quickly became well known for these delights, as well as their not using refined sugar, and also baking products that are often free of wheat and gluten. 


FAQs About Best Sellers

There are quite a few ways in which you can support local businesses in Toronto, from grocery-shopping in your neighbourhood and picking up pantry items from Toronto restaurants, to using hashtags on social media to spread awareness about local spots. You can also purchase a few things from us, the Toronto Market Co, with over 100 local vendors on our site. We have new items added to the site each week, which you can find here.

Most of our vendors are Torontonian and from Ontario. All of our vendors are Canadian small businesses.

By buying from small-scale, locally owned businesses, the money you spend cycles through the local economy and supports neighbours, friends, and other members of the community in whom your dollars invest. By shopping local, you reduce the environmental impact of transportation and encourage local ownership that generates employment.

There are many popular stores and outdoor markets in Toronto that sell locally-made, artisanal products. We also have a page dedicated to artisan products, featuring the Homebody Collective, Sara’s Soaps and Candles, Lisa Maxwell, and others!