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Village Juicery

Village Juicery is committed to making a lasting impact on our community through plant-based nutrition. Their philosophy is rooted in three key values: everyday fresh, nutrition first and sustainable practices. All recipes are designed by holistic nutritionists around whole, healthy, organic ingredients that contribute to a nutritious and balanced lifestyle.

Kale Caesar Salad
Energy Jar
Peanut Butter Oat Jar
Blueberry Chia Jar
Strawberry Dream Jar
Orange Juice (1000ml)
Organic Almond Milk
Cold-Pressed Celery Juice
Be Clean Juice
Chipotle Wrap
Be Active Juice
Organic Cashew Milk
Libretto Rosso Juice
Brain Tonic Juice
Soba Noodle Bowl
Immunity Shot (60ml)
Detox Tonic Juice
Plant Protein Salad

FAQs About Village Juicery

Village Juicery makes juices that are certified organic, curated by nutritionists, and does not process produce by HPP and UV-light to increase its shelf-life.

Raw, organic juice has been proven to increase energy, enhance complexion, boost the immune system and reduce the risk of disease.

Village Juicery is 100% plant-based and uses honey on very few, select items.

Try one of their nutritious, protein-packed jars, or pair their rich almond, oat or cashew milk with a cereal or granola of choice.