The Spent Goods Company

The Spent Goods Company is a local bread company that uses "spent grains" from Henderson Brewing Co.'s beer manufacturing process to create tasty sourdough breads, crisps and more. Their goal is to help reduce our carbon footprint and create new revenue sources and interesting products while doing so. 


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FAQs About The Spent Goods Company

The Spent Goods’ breads are produced using leftover grain after it has been boiled to release sugar in the craft-brewing process. Instead of sending the grain to Ontario’s landfills, where approximately 16 million kg of brewery grains end up, The Spent Goods make bread with the “spent” grain.

All Spent Goods breads have caused a stir, but especially the Beer Pretzel and Beer Bread sourdough!

Pair one of the breads with a classic cream cheese and salmon, spread some kale pesto with microgreens, or try a tapenade. Alternatively, stack your preferred meats and pickles.